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About Tube Sampling

We push u50’s u60’s tubes and 38mm tubes for various Laboratory testing.These figures displayed are Ips results from around Victoria which indicate the reactivity of certian clays from many sites tested with the modified core shrinkage test.These results can be used to determine the ground movement and consequently site classification. USL Group are currently the only organisations providing  Soil water characteristic curves commercially which is an industry leading test and provides  many new in sites into  soil properties.


Tube Sampling Frequently Asked Questions

What size tubes can you push ?

We can push any size up to 63mm diameter which allows modified core shrinkage Ips results, triaxal consolidation test, shrink/swell test, Soil water characteristic curve, undisturbed vane shear test and swell test.

Do you vibrate the tube when you push it.

No as they are undisturbed push tubes, vibrating the tube into the soil will effect the soil structure and consquently the test end result.

When is it possible to push a tube sample

Most clays and silts it is possible too unless the sand content is to high or the soil is extremely dry. If there are rock fragments or gravels this will also restrict the ability to push a tube sample.

Can you arrange the Laboratory testing of the tubes

Yes with our industry partners Terra Firma and USL group we are able to push the tubes and deliver the sample and send you results as soon as the Lab work is complete.

Recent  Tube Samples

Limestone clays of the Geelong region are often not indetified or thier reactivity is underestimated but not with drillology

Caroline springs highly reactive clays

Altona north Quaternary basalt.

Tertairy basalt in the Warragul area.