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About DCP’s, Vane Shear, Pocket penetrometer

There are various in situ tests methods to determine bearing capacity such as shear vane, pocket penetrometer and DCP testing but caution must be excersied when using these testing methods as the results can be misleading. This is where field experience and geotechnical knowledge are crucial, as experienced geotechnicians will use their knowledge of the area to more accurately interpret the results. We are able provide these in situ tests validated by a deep fieldwork knowledge.

We have the capabilities to push various undisturbed tube samples including the versatile U38 tube which can provide specialised Ips reactivity testing and the Soil Water Characteristics Curve (SWCC). The SWCC can provide important information that is particularly relevant to forensic investigation and can create a bench mark for calculating abnormal moisture.


DCP’s, Vane Shear, Pocket penetrometer Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do other testing such as laboratory testing ?

Yes. Our industry partnerships with Terra Firma and USL group allow us to provide most geotechnical testing including reactivity testing and the Soil Water Characteristics Curve (SWCC).

Recent Projects

10.000’s of tests throughout Victoria and all available at the push of a button.

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