About Drillology Geotechnical drilling

Drillology Company Profile

Drillology is a Melbourne based geotechnical drilling company providing leading geotechnical and environmental services to individuals, builders, geotechnicians and engineers.  For the last 32 years, we have used our extensive knowledge of AS 2870 to provide quality soil preparation services. We build upon this foundation by regularly attending and presenting at Housing Engineering Design & Research Association (HERDA) seminars, which allow us to engage with others working in the industry and to improve the standard of residential construction. We are also a member of The Foundation and Footing Society of Victoria. We have completed over 50,000 individual tests and have full professional indemnity and full public liability insurance.


Drillology Equipment and Capabilities

Custom Designed Drill Rig - DT1200

Compact, powerful drilling rig with SPT’s, rock coring, wash boring, DTH hammer drilling and solid augering capabilities. 

Landcruiser Drill Rig

For fast, solid augering in narrow spaces. We also have Pocket Penetrometers, vain shears, DCP’s and tube sampling.

Meet Our Team

Jason McCloud

Jason McCloud


With over 32 years experience in the geotechnical field, Jason has done more than 50,000 individual soil tests and assisted on several hundred cracked house investigations, making him a leading geotechnician in Melbourne. Jason has a detailed knowledge of Melbourne and Victorian geology and is a regular speaker at seminars for the Housing Engineering Design Research Association (HEDRA) and the Foundations and Footings Society of Victoria. Jason logs profiles to AS 1726, Unified Classification System and AS 2870-2011 standards.

Adam Prendergast

Adam Prendergast

Lead Geotechnician

Adam has more than 12 years experience in geotechnical drilling with high level skills on both DT1200 and Landcruiser drilling rigs. Adam is a versatile driller with experience in a range of different geological formations and can adapt to many different soil conditions.