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About Basement Investigation

We are able to do deep drilling for basement construction even before the old building is knocked down.This allows fast processing of permits and plans saving time and money. Knowing the depth and wehtering of rock that is encountered is during drilling is critical in performing an accurate investigation.


The water table is another very important feature to accurately measure when the geotechnical drilling is performed. SPT testing provides valuable information while performing a basement investigation and gives the engineer numerous soil properties correlations to known geotechnical values for proper basement design.




Basement Investigation Frequently Asked Questions

Can you test while there is an existing house on site ?

Yes we usually can do a deep hole with SPT’s if required in the drive way.We then do a couple of shallow hand auger hole at the rear in the backyard.

Do you check for a water table ?

It is one of the most import things we look for when doing a geotechnical test for a proposed basement.We can install temporary monitoring wells to get a good pitcure of water table fluctuations. An important factor is to detrmine whether the water table is a purched water table or the underlying water table.

Will you check for shallow rock ?

Yes along with the water table shallow indentifying rock and the degree of weathering is very important especially reguarding the type and cost of the basement.We follow the rock description defined in AS 1726-2017.

Can any soil testing company do basement investigations

No it requires equipment that is suitable to do deeper drilling and SPT’s in a confined area.The technicians have to be fimilar with the drilling procedures and aware of the import factors to look for with this type of testing.Knowedge of the local geology and the variations in the soil types that will be encountered are vital for an accurate description and ultimately good economical basement design.

Recent Basement Projects

After completion we re instate the pavement whether it is concrete or asphalt.

When doing residential basement drilling especially when there are still tenants on site it is always a good idea to locate the services
before starting drilling

Tight access is not a problem with our compact rig

Deep tesing can usually be done in the front drive with SPT’s if required.

Our DT1200 rig is quite and efficient so creates minimal disturbance to the residence.