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Our automatic Standard Penetration Test meets all the australian standards and can be done even where existing buildings remains.

The along with DCP tests it is the most used in situ test around the world to provide numerous correlations directly used in foundation design.With our DT1200 rig we can do the SPT test in confined areas even when there are existing buildings still on site.

SPT Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth doing the test ?

 In my opinion yes it is. SPT testing is usually associated with basement construction in a residential setting.The cost of doing SPT’s compared to normal deep basment testing is not substantial.It provides the design engineer with some solid figures and information from which to design the basement. The results can be very valuable to detemnie the possible construction methods that are required.Considering the cost of the basement and the potential problems if things go wrong then it is a cost effective safe guard.

Can I get SPT results with an existing house on site ?

Yes  we can usually do a deep hole with SPT testing in most driveways while the existing house is still on site and in fact often while the tenants are still living there.We can arrange concrete coring or can break the concrete ourselfs and then re instate the concrete or asphalt after we have finished.Onced completed it is hard to see that we have done extensive testing at all and miminise disruption to any residents on site.

Can SPT tests be done on larger projects ?

Yes We have done countless larger projects including solar farms, bridges, large buildings etc. 

What is the maximum depth you can do SPT testing

We currently have the capability to test to 15m with SPT’s depending on ground conditions

Recent SPT Projects

SPT tested in just about every imaginable soil type. All the information is kept on record so we can give an idea of what you might find before we even arrive. Compacted equipment able to do SPT test in just about any situation. Testing complies with the Australian Standards.