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Leading providers of geotechnical services in Victoria specialising in shallow to medium depth (0-20m) geotechnical drilling.
Providing everything required by engineers and geotechnical engineers to classify and design footing systems. We can provide geotechnical drilling for pavement design and small to medium sized infrastructure.Our knowledge of geology and soil reactivity allows us to be one of the most trusted and experienced providers of information for engineers to do site classification for the residential market. Enviromental companies also use our services for sampling and temporary well installations at a much reduced cost compared to the larger drilling companies. We can provide geotechnical information and contamination sampling at the same time with one site visit dramatically reducing overall costs.

Geotechnical Drilling Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of geotechnical drilling ?

The cost per job will vary greatly depending of the requirements ie drilling rig required, time on site, number of staff, consumables required etc. Our rates are less than the medium to larger companies for small to medium projects. We also provide site classification for the residential market at a very reasonable rate.

Do we need to provide an engineer on site to log the soil profile ?

No not required, we can log the profile to Australian standards this can allow the engineer to not attend or be on site for a minimum time and save time and money.

Can you do drilling for site classification throughout Melbourne

Yes we currently provide soil testing field logs for over 10 companies in the residential market and can be sent directly from site. We have an archive of over 45,000 previous tests at the push of a button.

What are the type of projects are able to do ?

We have provided geotechnical information for numerous projects including the following :
Pavement investigations
Pedestrian bridges
Solar farms
Slope stability
Basement testing
Residential houses
Light towers
Communication towers
Large signs
Power substations
School buildings
Forensic investigations
Contamination projects
Wheat Silos
Crane pads

Geotechnical drilling Projects