Geotechnical/Enviromental Drilling Specialists

Drillology is a Melbourne based geotechnical/enviromental drilling company providing leading geotechnical and environmental services to individuals, builders, geotechnicians and engineers.  For the last 32 years, we have used our extensive knowledge of AS 2870 to provide quality soil preparation services. We build upon this foundation by regularly attending and presenting at Housing Engineering Design & Research Association (HEDRA) seminars, which allows us to engage with others working in the industry and to improve the standard of residential construction. In addition we are members of The Foundation and Footing Society of Victoria. Our experience is extensive, having completed over 50,000 individual tests. Drillology is covered by full professional indemnity and full public liability insurance.

Our Melbourne based geotechnical/enviromental drilling services include

Soil Profile Logging

We log profiles to AS 1726, Unified Classification System and AS 2870-2011 standards. This means you do not have to be on site during drilling, saving time and money.

Reactivity database

Reactivity Testing

We have an extensive data base of Victorian clay reactivity which we use as Ips values to calculate ground movement for site classification.


Basement Investigation

We are able to do deep drilling for basement construction, even before the old building is knocked down. This allows fast processing of permits and plans.


DCP's, Vane Shear, Pocket Penetrometer

We can provide deep DCP’s to 9m, and use several soil measurement techniques to provide bearing capacity and other soil properties.


Tube Sampling

We push U50,U63 and 38mm tubes for various laboratory testing.


Standard Penetration Test

Our automatic Standard Penetration Test meets all the Australian standards and can be done even where existing buildings remain.


Geotechnical Drilling

We are leading providers of geotechnical services in Victoria specialising in shallow to medium depth (0-20m) geotechnical drilling.


Site classification

With over 45,000 individual site tests around Melbourne and Victoria we are the most experienced technicians in the industry.

Pavement investigation

We have been conducting pavement investigation for more than 30 years and supply you with information, experience and CBR samples to complete an appropriate design for each situation.

Forensic investigation

Drillology has assisted in hundreds of forensic investigations. Floor levels, moisture samples, footing probes and soil water characteristic curve are used, along with our extensive knowledge, to determine foundation issues and possible solutions.

Environmental Sampling

Drillology can provide sampling for environmental companies and also combine the testing with geotechnical information. This can provide both environmental information and foundation design from one site visit, saving time and money.

Subdivision testing

Drillology can provide subdivision testing before major works commence.This can include reactivity testing, rock type/depth and any other geotechnical parameters so developers builders, planners and geotech’s now what they are in for.


Fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity


Soil logged to AS2870-2011 and AS1726-2017


Quick turn around time


Can provide only drilling service if required.


Very competitive pricing


Experienced and committed to the industry

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